Jeg er utrolig overrasket!

Jeg er utrolig overrasket!

Jeg har lenge fulgt en nettside til en person som har vært bull på gull, sølv og aksjer! Han har sett på aksjer som noe alle må eie og Gull og sølv holder man bare i en viss i dag ble jeg så overrasket! Vi har mailet fram og tilbake angående økonomien osv...i dag skrev han dette: ***WHY I AM SELLING EVERY STOCK I OWN AND PUTTING MOST INTO GOLD AND CASH!**

Jeg kan bare si....holy shit! HAN! Han skrev dette???? Hva i helvete er det som skjer? Personen som har vært mest positiv til Coca Cola, MacDonalds og tjent gode penger de siste par årene på å eie amerikanske selskaper!

Hvorfor selger han alt?

The markets are absolutely out of control. Today, Knight Capital plunged. A bunch of stocks went haywire at the open all due to this algorithmic high frequency trading nonsense. As you can see from the chart of Knight Capital above, it was total devastation. Did this effect me or any of the stocks I own? Not at all. But guess what. I am selling every stock I own. Yes, this may seem like a surprise to many. Heck, it's a surprise to me! Why am I making this decision? Because enough is enough. I have had an excellent track record making money in the market for over a decade but I am scared as hell to lose it. I used to think that if you just own stocks in your name, you will be fine. Well, as you know, most of my wealth is in Coca Cola. Two days ago I sold it all. Then, a few hours after I sold, I went to (the transfer agents website where I sold), and this is the message I get from their website:


Now this website has been giving me this message for over two days. There is not even a crisis, calamity, or electrical failure, and the website is down for this long? I'm happy I already put my order in to sell. Within a few day's I will receive a check for all of my funds and then just deposit it in my bank. But the reason I am selling everything is because I am starting to see an extremely dangerous pattern as of lately. MF Global collapsed out of nowhere and many life savings just vanished. PFG Best just goes under out of nowhere. Madoff just steals money for decades right under the nose of the useless SEC. Flash crashes are now the new normal in which markets tumble 5% only to finish the day in the green. But have you noticed the pattern lately? The pattern is that of money vanishing. It seems that each and every day, it is getting closer and closer to regular plain vanilla stock brokerage accounts.

I remember in 2008 when 2 bear stearns hedge funds went under. The market collapsed over 400 points. It was a bloodbath that day. This was the spark that kicked off the crisis. But at least the money that vanished was that of hedge funds. But now it just seems that money and accounts are vanishing each and every week from individual commodity accounts. Soon it will be stock brokerage accounts that vanish. Will it hit bank accounts? Only time will tell.

Here is the other reason why I am selling all of my stocks. Below is a one day chart of the Dow today:


As you can see, 2:15 is when the FOMC meeting was. I am so sick of markets whipsawing back and forth just because Bernanke or some enlightened one speaks. What the fuck? I have noticed that markets now just wait until some Federal Reserve official speaks. It is ridiculous. The markets are broke. How one committee can have all this power and sway over markets is outright dangerous. This is a centrally planned economy at its best. One day a stock could be trading at $50 a share, but then 3 months later it can be trading at $30 a share even though none of the company's fundamentals or financials have changed. People just care what Bernanke might say, did say, will say, or sounded like saying. It is totally ridiculous. It's not even a stock market anymore in which you have a place where companies can raise capital and grow. Now it's just some casino in which bets are placed on what some almighty one says.

So between this centrally planned nonsense of a market and fear of my brokerage account turning into MF Global, I am finished. And I was also thinking, do you really think you are going to get rich by making the average market return of 8% a year? Not a chance. By the time you make any meaningful money to enjoy, you will probably be 70 years old. What the fuck are you going to do at age 70? Watch your cholesterol and blood pressure? Also, every gain you make in the market is just taxed to death. From capital gains to dividends. It's ridiculous. It's like walking up a down escalator.

The key is to start a business. That is the only meaningful way to make money and have the opportunity to get rich. Also, if you own a house, there is no need to be invested in the stock market. Stocks are pretty much exactly correlated to real estate. Real estate just has more leverage. Instead of doubling down and buying stocks, your better off putting the money in a bank and starting a business.

I will take some money and put it in physical gold and physical cash. The rest I will start a business with. I have some ideas. But the Wall Street scams are now so blaringly out in the open for all to see, that it's just downright naive to put money in the market. We witnessed this huge scam with the Facebook IPO. The news networks were trying to sell the sizzle to all retail investors so the big boys at Goldman Sachs who owned all the stock could sell it to us and cash out. Talk about a swindle. All it will take is one more market crash or large correction and people will cash out of their 401k plans at work for good. They will probably just stop contributing to them. Years ago it was unheard of to hear people not contributing to their 401k's, now there are many people I know who are done with these plans. Also, many of these large multinational corporations that litter the S&P 500 are some of the most risky stocks. Why? Because if there is another global war these companies will be the biggest losers. McDonalds is the symbol of the United States. If we keep pissing people off around the world by starting wars, soon they will just boycott our companies. Heck, in Bolivia they boycotted McDonalds and now they are leaving the country. This is another reason I sold my Coca Cola. I think I am cashing out at a nice price. Anti American backlash will not treat these companies and their stock price kindly.

Also, more and more people are starting to buy food with less preservatives, no high fructose corn syrup, and locally grown. A silent food revolution is taking place and people do not even know it. I shop only at Trader Joe's. The other day I went to a regular Stop & Shop supermarket just to quickly get some milk. I walked down all the aisles and all I saw was shit down every aisle. Everywhere I looked the shelves were filled with sugary drinks and packaged processed crap food made by Kraft and the other ilk. What was even more alarming was that most of the aisles were empty. All I could see was packaging. The food is almost non-existent. It just keep getting smaller and smaller, with colorful packaging taking its place. Then I strolled into Trader Joe's and the place was packed. The check out girls were so nice and everyone helps you look for whatever you need. They even bag your food in nice upright brown paper bags, unlike the crappy plastic bags from the supermarket that just collapse in the trunk of your car and end up around the neck of some fish at the bottom of the ocean. The food revolution is starting with the younger generation. As the baby boomers slowly die off and fade away, the next generation will not be replacing the terrible food habits of their elders but instead are opting for a more nutritious and wholesome diet.

Since all these large multinationals will soon have their biggest customers slowly disappearing, I do not want to be anywhere near the stocks of these companies. And probably the biggest reason why they will lose customers is deception. Not a week goes by in which the products from these companies do not get smaller. Have you opened a bag of potato chips lately? Oreo cookies? Cereal from General Mills? It is alarming what I am seeing. 70% of the box is filled with air. It is disgusting. I remember Orange Juice used to be 64 ounces. Now it's 59 ounces. Soon it will be 55 ounces. Supposedly Coca Cola is being kicked out of the United Arab Emirates because of this deception. Instead of raising the price, they made the drink smaller and got caught red handed.

So where is ones money safe? Well, I would say the safest place of all is physical gold, silver, and physical cash outside of the banking system. Personally, I used to look at the gold price every day. Now I could care less what it does. Here is an example of what the dollar price of gold can do and how your wealth might fare:

$1400/oz...A minor correction. May have a loss of a few dollars $1000/oz...A large correction. Maybe your loss just got bigger $500/oz... Why the hell did I buy Gold!!! $300/oz... Wow, what a scam gold was. Why did I buy this junk. $1/oz... I lost all of my money!!! My wife is going to kill me $0/oz... Honey. Gold is not quoted in dollars anymore. We are rich!!!! We preserved all of our money!!!

This is why the dollar price of gold is useless and why I am selling all of my stocks!



Mine tanker om alt dette: 

Chris er smart kar men jeg er svært overrasket! Det som han er lei er alt dette at markedet er helt fucked up, det er svært vanskelig å tjene penger i markedet! Det er derfor vi trenger en restart og det vil komme, det vil bare ta tid! Det virker for meg at Chris ikke skjønner at Global QE kommer, Europa er i gang og skal trykke. De har gjort akkurat slik jeg har skrevet, levestandarden i Europa og USA må LAAAAANGT ned for at krisen blir løst! Vi kan ikke sitte her og kjøpe alt vi vil mens de i Asia produserer alt og lever som våre slaver! Denne tiden er over! Vi har levd som konger mens resten av verden har vært våre personlige slaver! Svarte mennesker snakker alltid om at de var slaver i USA osv...vel hva har de å si at Asia har vært våre slaver i så lang tid? Resten av verden har jobbet for harde livet mens USA og Europa har levd med utrolig høy levestandard! Alt som skjer nå er riktig og rettferdig, jeg elsker kapitalisme.

Det er fortsatt gode penger å tjene i markedet og jeg hopper ikke av! Trykking av penger har så vidt startet, vi kommer til å oppleve mange mange flere runder med QE! Kanskje QE11, 12, 13? Så slapp av og nyt showet! Jeg skal sikre min framtid at jeg slipper å jobbe uansett hva som skjer med verden...tro meg jeg klarer det! Alle kan klare det, det er bare at folk flest ikke vil gjøre det! Du må kutte ned ditt nåværende levestandard i 5år for å leve som en konge om 10år! Men du må kunne økonomi, du må være kritisk mot deg selv ++ og på toppen av det hele du må ha en plan for livet!

På slutten av alt, siste intervju av Marc faber!